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Welcome to the entirely new world of automobile interior designing. Design your own vehicle. Got down the requirements. …..for example, want to have your own motor home, mobile café, tourist pickup van, site bus, anything…….you dream about.

All vehicles manufactured equal and everybody want theirs to be different. We define yours is different because they are designed around your needs, crafted to the required size, style and imagination. Its perfect combination of an art and technology inch to inch. Mind well, for others its only vehicle …... for you its business center…. Its sweet home…… its place of entertainment its everything for you…! A true life partner you missed before. Now enjoy every moment of your life…. Go for comfort on wheels. For this, no matter whether you have existing old vehicle or planning to buy a new one. Please step in to the Chintamani Motors, Sangli and explore the time less/ endless ideas to make multiple use of vehicle. House on wheels we call it as.

Enjoy every moment of tour…. Watch the movies, listen to the favorite music, enjoy hot stuff or go for cold drink of your choice, read magazine or do office work…. Play video game or brows with computers. Play chess or cards with friends. Sleep well and enjoy dreams or get fresh in bathroom equipped with chemical toilet, shower and wash basin. Whether its consultation with your clients or conference with press, a big business deal or long awaited family tour…. At the end of journey you will be surprised to know that you have utilized every single minute of voyage in the best possible way.

This vehicle is part your life and style of living. Every moment of life is yours if this vehicle is yours. Because only you know that time and money is precious and your wise decision of going for motor home by Chintamani Motor is truly futuristic and innovative.- A unique blend of colours, style and expressions coupled with functional utility of design high standard workmanship. Go for it and leave your everlasting impression behind. Let your vehicle say all about your social status.

Chintamani Motors is one of the leading manufacturers of Caravans in india.

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