Mobile Heart Check Up Van

Chintamani Motors offers self propelled tailor made mobile clinics for almost every medical specialties to extend their services in remote and scattered areas where it really required most.

Here is an example of fully customized Heart Check-up Van fully equipped with necessary medical equipments and aids with adequate power back-up system and external changing points, air condition, etc to assist the field staff to provide uninterrupted Indoor type' medical services.

Separate luxurious compartment provided with all necessary amenities for field staffr which help to increase their working efficiency.

This van also comprises sound proof and dust proof check up compartment made out of seamless FRP. Other amenities provided are foot operated washbasin with fresh water and dram tank, necessary power points for medical equipments., laptop or mobile charging, spot Fights & reading lights, fans, etc in both compartments- Provision to store medical equipments like Defibrillator, ECG machine, BP apparatus. Medicine box. etc with adequate power back up with power gene-ration system to run all the medical equipments uninterruptedly. Provision of audio system to make pleasant and stress-free atmosphere while working. Split A.C. in checkup compartment runs on external power supply for using while conducting check-up camps and anotherA-C. in field staff oompartmentrunson vehicle engine to use while vehicle is on move.